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The Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra, now under the baton of Dylan Langan, provides the community`s talented young musicians with the opportunity to flourish in a vibrant and exciting musical environment, developing orchestral, musical and team skills with their peers.

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Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra 2017–2018

The GYSO is pleased to announce plans for its 2017–2018 season.

There will be two 12-week terms—the first will run from September 21 through December 9, 2017, and the second will run from January 11 through to early April 2018. Concerts will end each term, and we look forward to some additional performance possibilities, including the side-by-side concert with the Guelph Symphony Orchestra. We are also planning to utilize professional section coaches more often, both in traditional sectionals and in coached full orchestra rehearsals.

Changing the season to finish in early April will make it easier for university and college students to participate, and including eligible youth (to age 24) from High School years into University/College years has always been our mandate. We hope this will help expand the orchestra and give opportunity for older student members to continue in a vibrant orchestral experience and training ground.

We invite all youth who are playing at a RCM grade 7 or above level to apply for an audition. There will be auditions on June 8 and September 21 this year.


The GYSO was established in 2011 when a partnership was struck by the Guelph Symphony Orchestra (GSO) and Guelph Youth Music Centre (GYMC) to collaborate in the operation and support of Guelph’s only youth symphony. A grant from The Guelph Community Foundation’s Musagetes Fund – dedicated to performing, visual and literary arts excellence in Guelph and area – helped to get this thriving partnership off the ground.

This partnership with the GSO and GYMC continues to provide the Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra with substantial support through:

• Mentoring and hands-on coaching from local symphony performers;

• Access to the GYMC’s stunning Recital Hall for rehearsals and performances;

• Increased exposure, credibility and publicity via the ongoing marketing efforts of the GSO and GYMC;

• Collaborative performances with the GSO at Guelph’s prestigious River Run Centre

The orchestra performs at least three concerts throughout each year in venues including Harcourt Memorial United Church, the GYMC Recital Hall, and featured in an annual side-by-side concert with the GSO on the River Run Centre main stage.

Other opportunities to perform have included community involvement such as free concerts at St. Josephs Hospital and a Christmas-themed flash mob performance at Stone Road Mall. Demonstrating their merit, GYSO has won the top scholarship in the ensemble category at the Kiwanis Music Festival in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017.

ChrisCigolea_webDr. Chris Cigolea served as the conductor of this orchestra from 2011-2017. We are grateful for the dedication, passion, and artistic skill that Chris brought to the GYSO and to the training and inspiring our young musicians!!

Looking to the future, the Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra continues to develop their artistic level and financial sustainability, so that it can play on and keep contributing to the city’s vibrant cultural scene for all ages.

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